Unsound climate studies sneak into print: scientists


Misleading studies sowing doubt about climate change are getting into peer-reviewed journals, scientists warn, citing recent papers linked to a lawsuit in Germany whose authors denied conflicts of interest.

Observers have long questioned the growing number of research journals that take fees from eager academics but often publish their work without rigorous review.

Biased authors, they say, are taking advantage of an overloaded assessment system, undermining the scientific evidence that provides the bedrock for climate action.

“The recent explosion of so-called ‘predatory journals’ is creating problems that are pro-actively explored by climate skeptics,” said Carl Schleussner, a scientist at research group Climate Analytics.

“It opens the door to those who want to willingly get dubious research out there.”

More information: AFP Fact Check’s full investigation is published at factcheck.afp.com/doc.afp.com.33CU2GB.

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