Sister shields sibling from dust during 36-hour wait for help after quake


Two children wedged between concrete in the remains of their home in northern Syria have been rescued more than 36 hours after Monday’s quake trapped their family as they slept.

“Get me out of here, I’ll do anything for you,” the older child whispers to rescuers who are seen on video squatting in the rubble of the children’s home in Besnaya-Bseineh, a small village in Haram, Syria.

“I’ll be your servant,” she adds, as a rescuer replies, “No, no.”

The girl’s name is Mariam, and she gently strokes the hair on her younger sibling’s head as they lie squashed together in what could be the remains of their bed. She’s able to move her arm enough to cover her sibling’s face, providing some protection from the dust amid the debris.

The younger child’s name is Ilaaf, according to their father – an Islamic name that means protection.

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